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Have questions about testosterone therapy or the Easy T program? We can help! A member of our team is always available to answer any questions you have. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Easy T 10 Weeks of TRT/HRT
Membership Fee$19.99 /mo
Blood Work$147.99
Commitment10 Weeks
New Patient Feefree
Pharmacy to Door Deliveryyes
Online Licensed Physician Accessyes
Easy T 20 Weeks of TRT/HRT
Membership Fee$19.99 /mo
Blood Work147.99
Commitment10 Weeks
New Patient Feefree
Pharmacy to Door Deliveryyes
Online Licensed Physician Accessyes
Easy T Save more than 3x the cost compared to our competitors!
Membership Fee$19.99 /mo
Blood Work$59.00 /yr
Physical Exam$59.00 /yr
Commitmentno contracts or commitments
New Patient Feefree
Pre-loaded Syringesyes
Refrigeration Requiredno
Pharmacy to Door Deliveryyes
Online Licensed Physician Accessyes

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90% of men in the United States have a hormone deficiency but are not getting treatment. What are you waiting for?

  • Increased sex drive, Weight loss, Lean muscle gain
  • Improved, energy, brain function & cognitive ability
  • Decreased risk of diabetes & other diseases

What makes Easy T different?

Easy T is the easiest, most convenient and affordable way to optimize your hormones, power your performance and amplify your life.

  • We ship directly from our pharmacy to your door
  • Medications are pre-mixed & loaded into syringes
  • High quality medication – no additives here!

Frequently asked questions about Easy T & testosterone therapy

Hormone therapy may be right for you. If approved, you are officially a member of Club Easy T! We’ll ship you your first month’s box of medications directly from our pharmacy so you can get started right away.
Our testosterone and other medications come from our carefully selected compounding pharmacy and have been rigorously tested to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality testosterone at the lowest price. Also, our medication is all precisely dosed, premixed and preloaded into sterile syringes. There are no binders, fillers, or sketchy added ingredients. With Easy T, you get exactly what you need (and nothing you don’t).
We are proud to offer you the lowest cost, highest quality and easiest to administer testosterone therapy on the market. You can pay monthly, which includes a $19.99 membership fee (to cover shipping and administrative costs) and our low $99 cost of medication. Or, you can opt in for our annual membership for $1,400 which includes all fee’s for a full year saving you $145.00! Check out how the cost of our testosterone therapy compares to other TRT.
Each monthly box includes Gonadorelin and 4 Testosterone + Anastrozole. The box also includes all your needle tips and alcohol prep pads. Basically, you get everything required for a successful, effective and safe testosterone therapy program in the easiest, most convenient method possible.
Patient care is our top priority. In order to ensure your safety, we require bloodwork from all patients before they can be accepted into the Easy T program. We charge you the lowest possible price for bloodwork. Each patient’s bloodwork is carefully reviewed by our doctor so that we can verify that bioidentical testosterone therapy is a good option for you. We require updated bloodwork yearly in order to help us continue to monitor your levels, and to ensure the effectiveness of our medication and the success of our program.
We created Easy T because we wanted to make high quality testosterone therapy available to more people, especially those who previously may not have been able to afford it. Our team has been in the hormone therapy business for over 10 years and in that time we’ve learned a lot about our patients and their concerns, and built a very close relationship with our pharmacy. Not surprisingly, cost is the #1 reason people either can’t begin therapy or have to stop it. We thought there had to be a better way, and worked closely with our expert medical team and our pharmacy to figure out how to cut unnecessary costs in order to pass the savings on to you. All of our medications are precisely dosed, premixed, preloaded into syringes and shipped directly to you from the pharmacy. We believe our method is the most efficient and effective way to get you the high quality testosterone therapy you need at the lowest possible price.
Yes. There are numerous studies that show that testosterone therapy is safe and beneficial. In fact, as long as you are using it responsibly, testosterone therapy may actually be able to improve your health and prevent age related diseases, as well as improve your state of mind and overall wellbeing. To ensure your safety, we require blood-work yearly from all patients which must be verified by our doctor before you are approved to start therapy. At Easy T, we believe that carefully monitored bioidentical hormone therapy is the true fountain of youth, and that our accessible, convenient approach is the future of medicine.
Yes. We only use Bioidentical hormones in our medications, which are plant-based and an exact match of the hormones produced by your own body.
Our membership fee covers the cost of our fast, secure, climate-controlled shipping, and also any administrative costs. This is the small portion of the fee that allows us to keep providing you with low price, high quality medication shipped directly to you. If you purchase our annual medication plan, shipping is free and we’ll take care of the membership fees and all administrative costs for you. It’s a win-win.
Please take a moment to check out our Youtube channel which has several video instructions on how to inject your medications properly. We update this regularly with new tips. Easy T Videos

“Easy T made made the touchy subject of getting testosterone treatment something of the past. Super simple to get started and even easier to use the kit!”

Club member since January 2019

“Everything from the A+ quality of the product down to the awesome look and feel of the packaging is top notch. The care team at Easy T is nothing short of incredible and they have really made me feel like I’m part of something.”

Club Member since November 2018

“The process was so easy! Quick and friendly. Never had to leave my home. Didn’t have to miss work to go to the doctor. Didn’t have to feel judged at the pharmacy.”

Club Member since March 2019

“Simple process from start to delivery. The shipping notifications and the member information in my user portal help make this very user friendly.”

Club Member since April 2019

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Dr. Krzysztof Kacprzak, MD Medical Director

Dr. Kacprzak is known as one of Florida’s best general practitioners. He has a strong reputation for ethical behavior, professional demeanor, a soothing bedside manner, and has been restoring hormone levels in patients for over 30 years. He is well respected among his peers and has a long history of satisfied patients who consistently recommend him across the country.

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